18 Aliyot: Israeli Folklore and music of the diaspora Four-part lecture and conversation series

Zeitraum 03.09.2020
Veranstaltungsort Zoom / Jüdische Gemeinde Wiesbaden

Vierteilige Lesereihe in englischer Sprache über die 18 Einwanderungswellen nach Israel
Jeden Donnerstag im September, 21 Uhr 

Israeli singer, composer, and folklore expert Noam Vazana guides a global exploration of the Jewish sound through 18 songs. Each of classic tunes from Germany, Russia, Yemen, Morocco, Poland, Ethiopia (and more) represent 18 Aliyot (migration waves). Each song encapsulates a culture, setting, or feeling from its place of origin, as well a strand of Israeli cultural and personal identity brought over through the music. Taken together, these beloved sounds offer an eye-opening reflection on how Israel came to be the multi-cultured, vibrant, and complex state it is today.

This four-part lecture and conversation series is an audiophilic dive into the Ashkenazi culture of Europe; the Sephardim of Andalusia; the Israelites of Africa; and the melting pot of Klezmer in Hollywood. Each class will be accompanied by rare archival video and photos courtesy of the National Library in Jerusalem.

Fee: approx. 60 € (70$) for the 4 lectures | Kosten: ca. 60 € (70 $) für vier Lesungen

You’ll find all needed details on our website www.jg-wi.de/tarbut. | Informationen unter www.jg-wi.de/tarbut 

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